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ATTENTION: Small Business Owners, Nonprofits and Marketing Consultants

That content writer you’ve been looking for? You just found him.

Does any of this look kinda like what you need?

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Here’s what I’ll do for you.

Blogging & Website Content

I’ll help you improve your search engine ranking (SEO) with smarter content.

Newsletter Content

I’m the copywriter you need to write stories that inform and compel readers to action.

Commercial Scriptwriting

I write radio and TV commercials. Need a hot :30 or :60? Hit me up!


I write back cover copy! Send me your manuscript and I’ll give you copy that sells.

Interviews & Case Studies

I will interview you or your clients and translate your stories into compelling words.

Nonprofit Annual Reports

Executive Directors, I combine story with data to help you wow your stakeholders.

Unless I‘m in trouble, I don’t usually go by Matthew C. Bloom. Call me Matt.

You’re here because you’re hurting. Welcome to the place to get help.

Does that make me sound like a therapist? I’m sooo not. That’s my wife’s job. I go by many titles: I’m a freelance writer, content marketer, SEO content writer. But mostly, I’m a storyteller.

I know there are stories that are bursting to come out of your mouth. Stories about your business or not-for-profit organization that will show prospective customers or donors why you matter.

You can’t get them out. And it hurts.

They don’t come out because you hate writing; because you don’t know how to demonstrate ROI; or, maybe because you’re too busy doing your job.

Whatever the problem that’s holding your stories back, I’m here to help fix it.

I love helping your audience understand why you do what you do, why they should trust and invest in you. I do it by borrowing the reins from you when it comes to storytelling strategy and process.

Blogs, newsletters, ebooks, press releases … all just different formats for stories about the impact you make in the lives of the people you serve every day.

I’ve done it many, many times before.

  • I’ve connected businesses searching for vehicle wraps with Starocket Media by telling customer success stories in an ebook and their portfolio, while incorporating researched keywords (SEO).
  • I’ve educated the customers of Clean Cut Lawn and Landscape about lawn care using elements of story in business blog posts and emails.
  • I’ve demonstrated the value of donating to Bethany Christian Services by telling adoption stories told to me in dozens of interviews.

Those are just a few examples of how I’ve helped businesses and organizations tell their stories.

I know I can do the same for you, because everyone has a story to tell.

I’d like to send you ideas once a month (or less) for how to grow as a digital storyteller – how to connect with an audience, build relationships and inspire action. How to win with content marketing.

Will you join my email list so we can stay in touch?

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What my clients say about me and my work

What I love about working with Matt is his ability to ask the right questions and then go get the job done, without any hand holding. I trust Matt’s representation of my company when he’s communicating directly with my clients (which means less work for me). You just don’t get that with any freelancer out there.

I’ve had the privilege to work with Matt in a variety of settings and have found him to be a professional each time. Most recently Matt provided professional writing services on a project for one of our most significant clients. Matt was diligent, thoughtful and skilled in crafting several stories. I would recommend Matt as a skilled copywriter without reservation.

Matt Bloom has worked as a freelance writer for the Youth Opportunity Center Foundation. Matt has done an excellent job of connecting with friends of the YOC and “telling their story” in a clear and concise manner. Matt is responsive and timely to our requests and is affordable. Matt is a true professional and we are thankful for his help.

Matthew is a smart, articulate and thoughtful writer. He takes time to learn his audience and his subject matter, two critical steps toward developing meaningful messaging.

I cannot say enough good things about the quality and service we’ve received from Matt. He goes out of his way to provide excellent service for us and our clients. His work is always on time and on budget. Together, we have raised the awareness of our clients’ businesses in search and social media. I would highly recommend him for any writing services. Doing business with Matt Bloom is a pleasure.

As a design and branding agency, partnering with the best copywriters allows us to focus more on the core of our business. Matt has been a trusted partner for us for the past two years. He is a talented and versatile writer, but more than that he has perfected the art of listening. Matt has a unique ability to take chicken scratch, rambling notes, and tangent filled chats and turn them into refined, engaging written pieces. I would highly recommend Matt if you are looking for a writer that knows how to get to the heart of a client, project, or audience.

I am grateful for the partnership that has developed between Matt Bloom and Caylor Solutions. I appreciate the expertise in digital content development that Matt brings…he is so much more than a copywriter in the traditional sense of the word. He takes his craft seriously and stays abreast of the latest in content development for digital media. His broad knowledge and approachability has made him instantly valuable as a team member and a trusted partner. His professionalism has been praised and appreciated by our clients as well. I highly recommend Matt for anyone looking for the best in content development.

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