The Next Phase of 3D Printer Programs in Education: Why Standardization is the Key to Successful Scaling (Technology, Business-to-Business)

About the Project


Dremel DigiLab had already established itself as a leader in supplying K-12 schools with 3D printers. Following a decade of success helping instructors across the U.S. launch their 3D printing programs, the sales director was interested in providing guidance for school systems seeking to scale up these programs.

The sales team wanted to make the argument that the key to successful scaling is standardization. School systems that adopted a single model districtwide would be able to develop a uniform approach to training, instructional design, and maintenance, among other benefits.

Dremel already had plenty of sales and marketing materials about the quality of the products themselves. The idea was to associate the brand with thoughtful, experienced consultants in addition to product quality, making Dremel an obvious choice in a partner for administrators seeking to expand their 3D printing programs.


In partnership with Caylor Solutions, a marketing agency that works closely with K-12 and higher education clients, the sales manager contracted us to develop a white paper on 3D printer program standardization. This would be used in a variety of ways to educate school administrators, develop new leads, and engage existing clients for large-scale reorders.

After an initial consultation with the sales manager and marketing manager to get a sense of the direction they wanted to take, I interviewed two regional salespeople to learn more about the benefits of standardization as well as the products themselves. I also solicited their to connect me with clients who would be willing to provide a quote.

I then interviewed four K-12 administrators in a variety of roles, who were at different stages of the process of standardizing their 3D printing programs. Each provided a unique perspective about both the challenges and benefits of standardization.


This white paper is now a valuable lead generation tool for 3PI Tech Solutions, an authorized reseller of Dremel DigiLab 3D products. It is a free download on the Education page of the dealer’s website.

As a targeted thought leadership piece, The Next Phase of 3D Printer Programs in Education helps establish the authority of 3PI Tech Solutions as an extension of the Dremel brand in K-12 education. It facilitates important conversations that help school systems move forward wisely as it drives revenue for Dremel and its affiliate.

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