Antioch College (Not-for-Profit)

About the project:


Antioch College needed a complete redesign of their website. Caylor Solutions had conducted a discovery session with the client to discuss the school’s existing brand and how they wanted it to evolve. They had an experienced team in place that could lay out, design and organize the new site. The only piece they were missing was an experienced content writer.


Owner Bart Caylor and his team engaged me at the right time – before any design work had been done. They understood that powerful words must drive design. I studied the existing site, notes from discovery sessions Bart had facilitated with key faculty and marketing staff, and watched a recorded video of one of those sessions. From those materials, I worked with the Caylor team to develop a branding guide.


Once Antioch approved the guide, I got to work writing and organizing copy for the primary pages – Home, Admission, Academics, Campus Life, and some secondary page material. The effect was a branding message that drove home the themes of self-empowerment, collaborative learning, real-world experience and making a positive impact on the world.


The idea was to provide compelling copy for the highest-traffic areas of the site that would link to pages for which staff and faculty would write their own content. To help ensure the success of client-produced content, Caylor Solutions engaged me to record a custom webinar for Antioch on best practices for writing for the Web.

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