I’m a Content Writer Who’s Only Interested in SEO for One Reason: Y-O-U

Let’s drop the BS for a second.

Nobody shops for an SEO content writer because they’re super excited about keywords.

Analytics don’t get you out of bed in the morning. And discussions about website traffic that last longer than thirty seconds put you swiftly back to sleep.

What we’re really after, once we get past all the numbers – what I’m interested in – is pretty simple.

What We Do Care About: Connection

At its core, all of this digital marketing/content marketing stuff is about connecting with prospective employers, customers, colleagues in your field.

We painstakingly analyze keywords typed into search engines (or hire others to do it), but not because there is anything magical about them. It’s because they aid connection.

Keywords Are Questions

Likewise, we don’t produce content because having something new, witty and/or clever on a website will force people to take notice.

We do it to provide useful information that addresses questions. We’re trying to help people solve problems.

Content Is Answers

Creating keyword-informed content is about listening before speaking.

At its best, content marketing means sharing ideas from experience or telling stories that answer the exact questions people are asking Google right now.

The best content provides real-world context to help the reader better understand how the world works.

Disclaimer: What you’re reading now is not the best content. (Sorry.)

The best content I’ve written is based on the experiences of others. I firmly believe you, my reader, benefit most when I share the ideas and stories beyond my own experience with you.

Here’s what I mean.

“Design Firms”

About 1,600 people per month type this into Google.* We can reasonably assume they’re asking a question like, “What design firms are out there? What are they like?”

When I blogged about my interview with Arin and Jake Anderson of Anderson Creative, I provided one detailed answer to this question. I helped facilitate Anderson Creative’s connection with those who need their services.

“Adoption Agencies”

14,800 people per month are asking Google where they can go to get help growing their family through adoption, or for resources to help them through a crisis pregnancy.

It’s not only the pages of an agency’s website that provide answers. The emotional truth behind what amazing people like adoption attorney Rebecca Bruce do for clients come from stories like the ones I have written, stories told by the families rather than the professionals.

“Landscaping Jobs”

About 6,600 people per month are asking where they can get a landscaping job. I could have provided an answer: Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape. But why work there?

One of the best reasons to work for a company is the people you’re going to work with, and nobody has more answers than the employees. That’s why I interviewed Mark Burchett. As a Clean Cut employee, he could help job seekers way better than I could alone.

Now, What Are YOUR Questions?

Keyword research is great for figuring out what people want you to write about. The other way is, of course, to simply ask. Like I’m doing now.

Here’s what I want to know (especially from you, my email subscribers!):

  1. What do you do?
  2. What is your favorite professional topic to read about?
  3. Briefly, what experience have you had with this topic?

That’s it.

Send me an email or drop a comment on my Facebook page. I will work your topic into a future post and credit you with the inspiration.


Because I want this to be a more robust learning space, and I can’t do that without you. My best content comes out of connection with others. With you. Your knowledge, your experience, your ideas are more than welcome here. They’re essential.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your ideas.

Thank you for allowing me to connect with you.

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*All data is U.S. only.