The One Thing Everyone Wants to Know About You

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Writers want to write what readers will read. Do readers want to read about you?

That depends. What are you willing to share?

You may think that your business isn’t interesting, or that people don’t want to read about what you do. You’re right. They probably don’t. What they do care about is who you are, what you and they have in common.


Do you make the world a better place? Are you changing lives?

The Youth Opportunity Center is doing phenomenal work in central Indiana. They pour love into boys and girls society too often calls unlovable. They shine light into darkness for these kids who would otherwise be lost in it.

We all feel lost at times. We’ve all wondered at some point whether we were good enough to be loved. So when Polly Craig, Executive Director of the YOC Foundation asked me to write stories for them about kids finding healing through art therapy, learning independent living skills and building character through sports, all because someone took the time to show them they were worth caring about, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.


Do you have ideas that just might be ahead of our time?

ConsulTeams (since rebranded to Bolstra) was a tech startup that took an existing idea, consultation services offered in short, budgeted bursts rather than long intervals, and imagined the possibilities of making “micro-consulting” the rule rather than the exception. They created an all-in-one platform that simplifies every step of a consulting engagement, from proposing a fee to delivering services remotely, tracking time and billing, all automatically.

We’ve all had a burning idea at some point and dreamed of making it a reality. So when CEO Haresh Gangwani approached me to write a whitepaper to capture how revolutionary this concept really was, I could not say no to his passion and vision.


Are you providing services that protect what people value most?

Lifeguard Wealth is a financial advising firm that challenges clients to approach investing with their personal values in mind. What really matters is family, health, joy – the stuff of a meaningful, full life. The phrase “get rich quick” never enters the conversation except in the cautionary sense. Lifeguard sees itself as just that, a financial lifeguard protecting the wellbeing of its clients from working days to golden years.

We’ve all at some point feared or experienced profound loss, whether it’s money, or a job, or a family member. When Managing Director Joe Delaney asked me and Spotted Monkey Marketing to help him with blog content, I said yes because I respected his mission to offer peace of mind to his clients by helping them plan for life’s challenges.

Small Business

Do you provide a simple blessing in the lives of everyday people?

Starocket Media is a small business providing outdoor advertising from signs to vehicle and wall wraps. They serve all kinds of clients from corporations to other small, local businesses. They combine an artist’s love for their craft with a keen sense of what works in graphic advertising to deliver exceptional value, and their customers absolutely adore them.

How many of us have ever dreamed of opening a business, whether it’s a restaurant, or a service business, or a retail store, or whatever? Owner Tim Wilson helps make those dreams come true. That’s why, with the help of Farmhouse Creative, I agreed to write content that speaks to that old entrepreneurial spirit.

What Do They All Have in Common?

I could go on … to digital marketing shops, service businesses, credit unions, human resources … but the point is, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. What matters is who you are. What every reader (and writer) out there wants to know is simple: what passion is burning inside you that needs to come out?

Let it out. Tell us a story. It’s just that simple.