If you even did half the things I asked you to do in my last email, I’ll be super duper impressed. I’m looking back at the to-do list I gave you and even I’m like, “Holy crap.”

To recap, we went through Steps 1-5 of building this Content Conveyor Belt.

  1.   Write out what you want your subscribers to do, and why it will help them.
  2.   Write out your welcome emails.
  3.   Choose your images.
  4.   Come up with a bribe.
  5.   Write a bribe letter.

Most of you thought the same thing and archived that sucker for later. That’s cool with me.

When you’re ready, let’s head into the home stretch! We’ll be covering the last 3 steps:

  1.   Write your first blog post.
  2.   Put it all in place.
  3.   Keep going!

Step #6: Write your first blog post.

It’s all coming together!!

You now have most of the pieces you need for your Content Conveyor Belt (Day 2 email):

  •        Sales Letter (the final action you want them to take)
  •        Welcome Emails (keeping their interest after they’ve subscribed)
  •        Landing Page (the bribe that encourages them to subscribe)

Next, you need to write:

TIP: Invite your reader to visit the landing page in this and every blog post. See Email Marketing that Doesn’t Make You Feel Dirty (Day 4 email).

Step #7: Put everything in place.

So far, you’ve got lots of words in basic docs (see Step #0). You also have images. You have purchased the rights, downloaded them, and they’re in a folder.

Step #7 varies depending on how savvy you are with digital marketing tools.


Do you have a website? If not, get help building a basic one. If you have the budget, hire someone.

I recommend WordPress. it’s easy to drop your words and images into posts. There are lots of tutorials out there to help you with this popular tool.

Landing Page + Email

Do you have an employee or partner who can manage this for you? That’s obviously super helpful.

Whether it’s someone else or you, I recommend MailChimp. It’s relatively easy to create a landing page, set up autoresponders (automatic welcome emails), and manage your email list.

TIP: IF YOU NEED HELP, I have a short list of trusted digital marketing partners who can set all this up for you. The content itself is still going to be up to you unless you hire a writer.

Step #8: Keep going!

EVERY OTHER WEEK: Post something useful, entertaining or educational to your blog.

ONCE A MONTH: Send your subscribers a link to each post, but also something just for them.

TWICE A YEAR: Send that e-sales letter out at least twice a year. (Frequency depends on your business.)

By the time you ask them to take action, they will have consumed:

  •        at least one blog post,
  •        a landing page through which they received something of value,
  •        a bunch of welcome emails,
  •        at least one insider email

… and all of this was FREE.

By now, they see you as someone who is doing good in the world by offering your gifts.

They will see the value in what you have to offer for themselves now, for themselves later, or perhaps for others they know.

This is content marketing: the process of using content to make money for good. For good purposes, for a good long time to come.

Who can say no to that?


Okay, I have put a LOT in this email series for you to digest. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Email me at

Even if you don’t, I will stay in touch. As promised, I’ll be sending you links to new blog posts plus more in-depth insights just for you on how to win with content marketing.

Thanks for reading!



Now telling YOUR story

P.S. Wonder why I say “now telling your story”? It’s because everyone I meet has a story, and every one is worth telling.

If you know someone with a story and they need help telling it, send them my way, would ya? Thanks!