If “no” is your subscriber’s answer, you’ve asked the wrong question.

This lesson is on the basics of how to employ the techniques I went over in my last three emails to achieve your goal.

Before we do that, there’s a super important question you need to ask yourself.

Ready? Here goes …

What’s your goal?

Seriously, what exactly is it you want your subscribers to do?

Do you want them to buy something? Great. What do you want them to buy? How much does it cost?

Do you want them to support a cause? Awesome. What exactly is that cause? What do you want them to do, or how much do you want them to give?

Maybe you don’t want a transaction. Maybe you want them to attend something, or make an appointment, or vote. Whatever it is, you need to identify that final action you want them to take.

Everything will drive toward that. If you do it right, you will be working toward agreement.

If you do it wrong, you will be working toward confrontation.

Seeking confrontation leads to: “Yes” or “No.”

Seeking agreement leads to: “Yes.” I see the value. For me now, for me later, or for others.

Here’s how to make money for good by seeking agreement. This is a lot, so we’re only going to tackle 1-5 today. Then I’ll give you a day off, and in TWO days we’ll wrap this up with 6-8.

  1.   Write out what you want your subscribers to do, and why it will help them.
  2.   Write out your welcome emails.
  3.   Choose your images.
  4.   Come up with a bribe.
  5.   Write a bribe letter.
  6.   Write your first blog post.
  7.   Put it all in place.
  8.   Keep going!

(Step #0: Open Microsoft Word.)

You know, or whatever you use. All the words you’re going to make will just live in basic docs for now.

TIP: Don’t skip ahead and start typing into WordPress. Just use what you’re comfortable with.

Step #1: Write out what you want your subscribers to do, and why it will help them.

This is called identifying the benefits. They will feel better, know more, get more done, save lives, make more money, if they take this action. This is the most essential part of your e-sales letter.

TIP: Just start with the call to action (“buy this!”) and list benefits. You’ll come back to this later.

Step #2: Write out your welcome emails.

Write out at least three detailed answers to questions people often ask you (these will make up your welcome email series!). Offer knowledge as freely as you would to a close friend.

TIP: Write your initial welcome letter last so you can describe the others.

Step #3: Choose your images.

Remember how I said to get a Shutterstock account? Time to dive in and purchase image rights.

TIP: Just download the ones you want for now and put them in a folder where you can find them.

Step #4: Come up with a bribe.

This whole plan is riding on the idea that people will want to subscribe to your email list. You’ve got to offer them something to bribe them to do it.


  •        A coupon for something free
  •        A gift coupon to offer a friend
  •        Branded swag (i.e. coffee mug with your logo on it)
  •        High-value downloadable content (i.e. an ebook)

That last one is getting into more advanced content marketing. Content that will get people to subscribe has to be robust and answer LOTS of questions in detail.

TIP: For now, it’s okay just to offer something in exchange for letting you into their email inbox.

Step #5: Write a bribe letter to your customers.

Whatever you’re offering, make sure they know the value, that you’re offering it for free, and what they need to do.

It’ll go something like this:

Dear Reader,

  •        Have I got something special for you!
  •        This is what it is!
  •        It’s worth this much!
  •        I’m giving it to you for free!
  •        All I ask is that you sign up for my e-newsletter. Just click “download” below.
  •        Thanks!
  •        P.S. I’ll also be sending you some welcome emails that will teach you X, Y, and Z!

This will be your landing page, that last stop before they subscribe.

TIP: Don’t try to be cute. Just get to the point.

That’s enough for today. That’s enough for TWO days, in fact … so we’re going to take a break. You have a lot to do already.

To sum up:

  1.      Start writing down what you want your audience to do and why they should (sales letter).
  2.      Come up with a few free, detailed tips for them for a series (welcome emails).
  3.      Buy and download some images (for your welcome series, etc.).
  4.      Come up with a bribe (to get them to subscribe).
  5.      Start on your bribe letter (landing page).

Yup, that’s plenty for now. See you in two days!



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