“I need to have a blog because everybody says I need to have a blog … but … really, why do I have a blog?

Good question. That’s what today’s topic is all about.

Look, it’s going to do you little to no good to have a blog without strategy. Oh sure, posting content that is in some way relevant to your business helps you with search engine visibility.

Of course, that’s what most people with blogs are doing. That’s not going to be good enough anymore.


(I’m pretty sure “for Dummies” is copyrighted.)

Kidding, of course. You’re not a dumbo, you’re just crazy busy and can’t spend a lot of time learning stuff that isn’t essential to business function.

I get it. So let’s stick to what’s essential for a business blog that draws people in. I got 7 rules for you.

  1.   Have a keyword.
  2.   Put the keyword in your title and first paragraph.
  3.   Write an awesome headline.
  4.   Write good.
  5.   Make it pretty.
  6.   Invite them to get to know you better.
  7.   Care.

Rule #1: Have a keyword.

Go to Google Adwords and sign in using your Google account. (If you don’t have a Google account, get one real quick.) Click on Tools > Keyword Planner > Find New Keywords.

Type in relevant words. If you sell cars, type in “cup holders”, “V6 engines”, “dealerships that have free donuts” – whatever – and voila! Choose a keyword from the list generated.

TIP: Use the Goldilocks method to choose from low, medium, and high competition.

  •        Low competition = sucks because not many are typing them into Google
  •        High competition = really popular, hard for you to compete
  •        Medium competition = like Goldilocks’ porridge, just right

Rule #2: Put the keyword in your title and first paragraph.

Let’s say you went with “V6 turbo” as your keyword. Google expects to see “V6 turbo” right away. Make your keyword obvious. Use it in the title and first paragraph, and naturally throughout.

TIP: Don’t force it. Too much = “keyword stuffing”, and Google will demote your site for it.

Rule #3: Write an awesome headline.

The History of V6 Turbo Engines in the United States will, at best, be saved to be read next decade. No urgency.

Why You Will Regret Choosing the Wrong V6 Turbo for Years will more likely catch the attention of somebody shopping for a car.

TIP: Make it sexy. Make it urgent.

Rule #4: Write good.

Write stuff people want to read. The best content is useful to the reader today.

TIP: Be useful, but don’t you dare try to sell a car yet! Your reader is not ready to be sold to.

Rule #5: Make it pretty.

You’re going to need images that you have the right to publish. I spend $30/mo. to get 10 images per month from Just embrace it as an unavoidable business expense.

The only alternatives are to take your own photos (time consuming!) or hire a photographer (money consuming!).

TIP: Minimum one photo per blog post.

Rule #6: Invite them to get to know you better.

Blogging for good – that is, seeking a positive result from the practice – means using the platform to build relationship with the reader.

You’ve got to offer more. You have tons of knowledge that people want and need, and the best way to offer it is still inside their inbox. You have got to invite them to subscribe to your email list.

TIP: Email marketing gets results a blog alone cannot.

Rule #7: Care.

Ultimately, the reason you will do all this must be because you care. You care enough about your customers, clients, the public in general, to share your gifts and help them solve problems.

TIP: Caring about your audience is not only the best way to make money, it’s the best way to make your professional life worth living.

That’s blogging for good.

But in case any of this feels invasive, manipulative or in any way icky, check your inbox tomorrow for Email Marketing that Doesn’t Make You Feel Dirty.

Until then, head back to AdWords, pick out the perfect keyword, and get cracking!



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