Welcome, friend! I’m excited to have you on my email list. I’m guessing you’re not just here because you want to achieve business goals through content marketing. You also sense in me a kindred spirit.

Someone whose goals are higher than just extracting money from people.

Someone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Am I right? Good! I have some fun stuff in store for you.

Here’s what to expect. Over the next week I will provide you with the basics on like 95% of how I reach people digitally for free. If you’re the DIY sort, go ahead and DIY. I’ll help where you need it.

TOMORROW … I will send you an overview of the Content Conveyor Belt. I spent $$$ to learn it from Copyblogger for my Content Marketer Certification, you get it free.

ON DAY 3 … I will send you Blogging for Good, all about blog content that does something rather than just fill space.

ON DAY 4 … I will send you Email Marketing that Doesn’t Make You Feel Dirty, about asking folks to let you in their inbox and providing real value once you get there.

ON DAY 5 … I will send you Making Money for Good: Part 1, on how to make an ask for a donation or sale in a way that takes “no” out of the equation.

(Then I’ll leave you alone for a day and let you catch up on your email.)

But then …

IN ONE WEEK … I will send you Making Money for Good: Part Deux, the final steps to getting your Content Conveyor Belt up and running.

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Thanks again for coming aboard. Let’s do great things together.


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