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Want to Erase Your Past? Now You Can in Indiana (Legal)

Regret is a tough emotion to tackle. We go over the mistakes we made in the past over and over again, and we ask ourselves why we didn’t keep our mouths shut, or say no to that last drink, or stay away from those people. We’ve all made mistakes. Usually we deal with the regret, […]

Bethany Christian Services’ Marla Bliss on Why Storytelling is So Important, and So Challenging

As Director of Donor Communications, Marla Bliss is tasked with a mysterious, alchemy-like science. She must convert that nebulous substance we call impact, fueled by dollars, back into monetary fuel. The primary ingredient that triggers this chemical reaction? Stories. Lots of them. I talked with Marla about the challenges of storytelling in late September 2017. […]

Hillcroft Services Annual Report 2017 (Not-for-Profit)

About the project: The client needed two stories for its annual report, one to illustrate its life-changing residential programming for people with mental and physical disabilities, and one to demonstrate the value of its sheltered work program both for business customers and Hillcroft clients/residents. LINK TO PDF: Hillcroft Annual Report 2017

Hearers to Kneelers to Chosen (Marketing & Advertising)

About the project: CSS Publishing, a Christian publisher of pastoral resources, needed help keeping up with press releases to promote upcoming books. The target audience was Protestant pastors of various denominations as well as Catholic clergy who follow the Lectionary (prescribed teaching throughout the church calendar). This is a sample of my work. *** Lima, […]

Hanging Out with the Other “Ole No. 7” (Financial)

(PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union, June 2016) Sometimes you think you’re going to work in a hospital when you graduate … and end up becoming a country singer/watchmaker/cell phone salesman instead. That’s what happened to Zach Welch. Venture off campus some evening to hole-in-the wall biker haunts and townie favorites like The Village Inn on Muncie’s […]