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From Manipulation to Empathy: Effective Content Marketing

Here’s a simple content marketing metaphor for you: your target audience is made up entirely of people running a race. As the sales or marketing copywriter, you’re like a track coach. Your job is to personalize your message to motivate each “runner.” Your track team is represented by three personas: Amanda, Betsy and Carman. With […]

Blood, Mouse Poop, Sewage – 3 Things You Should NOT Find in a Grocery Store (Service Industries)

About the project: This article is one of a limited series of blog posts I produced for Dalton & Co. Professional Cleaning Supply. This headline has some obvious shock value (blood! mouse poop!) that I didn’t choose lightly. Because Dalton & Co. serves both the general public in its retail store and commercial cleaning companies, […]

3 Quick Content Marketing Tips to Help You Get Through Compliance

I have spent the last year interviewing marketing people who, like you, often fight a common foe as they try to communicate with audiences through digital content: compliance. The stories I’ve published have been from the community of independent artists, marketers, fundraisers, publishers and educators who may have to adapt their strategies to their clients’ […]

Ross Community Center Newsletter May 2018 (Not-for-Profit)

About the project: The executive director of Ross Community Center, Jackie Hanoman, needed an economical way to both inform the low-income neighborhood where the center is located about what Ross has to offer as well as keep in touch with donors. The solution was a monthly newsletter. For this ongoing project, I serve as both […]

Living on the Edge Ministry Update (Not-for-Profit)

About the project: Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram hired me to write a series of stories about individuals who have utilized their ministry resources. For the April ministry update, I interviewed a widow who fondly remembers listening to the Living on the Edge podcast with her late husband as they fell asleep at […]

6 Content Marketing Secrets to Success, Taught by One Nerdy iPhone Game

I have a confession to make. It’s a little embarrassing. About a month ago, I started playing a super nerdy, Dungeons & Dragons-esque (let D&D fan protestations begin) iPhone game called King of Avalon. I am 35 years old. Here’s a surprise: It turns out KoA weirdly correlates to six secrets to successful content marketing. […]

Facing Teaching (Not-for-Profit)

About the project: The Facing Project tackled education in Delaware County, Indiana during the 2017/2018 academic year. The project organizers needed writers to interview educators and write their stories in the storyteller’s voice. I had the privilege of bringing the plight of underpaid, overworked teachers to light through the story of my close friend, Pat […]