A Content Marketer in Action

Outside, it was October. Green trees were turning suddenly brilliant orange, yellow and red. The sun still shone through thick, rolling clouds and winds stirred fallen leaves to life.


It was his favorite season, but Matt was busy at his computer, in the basement. He was finishing up his latest science fiction novel. The humans of the Alpha 5 colony had discovered (spoiler alert!) that what they thought were aliens attacking the planet were actually humans from Earth. There were battles to be fought and a big secret to uncover.


He’d have to finish up fast if he was going to get his ninth grade homework done before bedtime.

“It was terrible,” says Matt Bloom, owner of Matthew C. Bloom Copywriting Services. “The characters were one-dimensional, the story was poorly paced. I was apparently not a prodigy.”

A few years later, at Anderson University, Matt’s love of writing would lead him to declare that he would study English. Then his disgust and terror at the idea of being an English teacher – the only thing he figured he could do with an English degree – changed his course.

“After flirting with a major in journalism I settled on social work. Like any good late Gen X/early Gen Y college student, I felt like I had to do something that would save the world,” Matt says.

As part of his practicum studies, Matt spent time working with the elderly as a case manager, and with boys serving probation in residential housing. He soon found himself graduated as his wife was preparing for her final year of college. Needing a job fast, Matt took a job answering the phone for a local plumbing company.

In his off hours, Matt was writing. Later, while working at AT&T, he started a nonprofit venture called Getting Discovered, a website to showcase the work of unknown writers, artists and musicians. The project was short-lived, but laid the groundwork for more.

Matt began offering scriptwriting services to advertisers as an account executive for WQME Radio, and later for underwriters of Indiana Public Radio and WIPB Public Television. He was also putting his social work degree to use writing home study reports for a local adoption agency.

In 2013 Matt began to put the pieces of his varied career life together.

“The social worker in me was driven to encourage good in the world, the journalist felt compelled to tell these kinds of stories, and the salesman had to take advantage of every opportunity,” Matt says. “MCBC was born.”

What began with work writing adoption stories is today Matthew C. Bloom Copywriting Services, a versatile provider of compelling content for businesses, nonprofit organizations and marketing managers who need help educating their audience about their brand.

“I’ll interview just about anybody,” Matt says. “Even myself … you know, if it ever made any sense to do that.”