Happy New Year, Gig Economy

To: Mr./Ms. Project Manager

From: Matthew C. Bloom


It’s a brand new year. If you’re like me, you can’t help dreaming a bit about opportunities the next 12 months could bring. While you might be looking ahead at new and exciting projects on the horizon, I’m wondering, how can I help? What visions can I help develop into reality in 2016?

The phrase “storm in a teacup” has been used to describe the perceived rise in independent contract work. At the same time, the web is abuzz with stories of the freelance economy being on the rise among millennials, almost tripling in the U.S. from 1.9 million independent workers under 35 in 2011 to 5.3 million in 2015. It’s hard to tell whether hiring freelancers on a project is cutting edge staffing or just increasingly standard practice.

Even naysayers to the theory that the gig economy has arrived admit it’s at least on its way. This is good news to businesses struggling to balance the budget with full-time worker pay plus benefits. Increased availability of qualified individuals through web-based platforms (such as Indianapolis area-based consulteams.com) holds the promise of saving time and money.

The bottom line is, there are an increasing number of workers out there who want to work with you on your project. Our New Year’s gift to ourselves is the ability to move on, from last season’s vision and cause, to yours. There is nothing like the excitement of a fresh project to make us feel professionally alive.

Let’s talk soon. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy New Year!